Drive Systems RS7 Superlite Rear Sprockets
Drive Systems RS7 Superlite Steel Sprockets have become one of the #1 sprockets used on the Street & Track. The unique RS7 spoke design offers superior strength with maximum weight reduction making it the ilghtest steel sprockets available on the market. We have been using and installing these RS7 kits for years and have had nothing but excellent results.
Drive Systems RS7 Superlite Sprocket & Chain Kit
All RS7 sprockets are CNC machined to precise OEM specs making them fit excellent. All their sprockets offer a lifetime warranty on them in the event of a sprocket failure which we have yet to see any one of these failure.
Drive Systems RS7 Superlite Sprocket
Superlite Extreme Duty From sprockets are manufactured to be the lightest most durable countershaft sprockets available today. All XD Series fronts are made from case hardened chromoly steel for high durability and then drilled and lightened for less rotating weight. New Superlite XD Series fronts are so strong, we warranty them for life!
If you are looking for a new 520 sprocket & chain kit for your street or track bike, look no further than the Drive Systems RS7 Kits. You will not be disappointed, we promise.


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