Star Wars Dark Edition Ural Motorcycle w/ Sidecar

Russia's Ural has done it.  This Star Wars Dark Edition Ural Motorcycle is perfect for all you dark sith fans.  With a limited production run of only 25, go check them out and reserve yours today.  Features include a high intensity LED headlight, black ceramic coated exhaust and and engine, enduro style bench seat and its even equipped with its own Lightsaber,  Each dark force edition comes with the 3' extendable lightsaber mounted on the side just in case your encounter the rebels and are ready for battle.  

Star Wars Edition Ural

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Husqvarna Unveils Vitpilen 701 Concept Bike

Husqvarna unveils their all new Vitpilen 701 Supermoto styled concept bike.  This beautiful machine features a 690cc single cylinder Husky engine.  The entire bike is blacked out with awesome gold accents right where it matters.  The world is just waiting for these machines to finally make production and for Husqvarna to start offering them to the public.  These machines look like they would make a sick street monster to rip through the city streets of Manhattan on.

Husqvarna Vitpilen 701

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EICMA - Kawasaki SC-02 Soul Charger Supercharged Concept Bike

At the 2015 EICMA show in Milan, Kawasaki teased us with another supercharged motorcycle dupped the SC-02 Soul Charger.  this seems to be the direction for Kawasaki with some of their new bikes looking to join the supercharged Kawasaki H2 family.  This is the second bike this year that Kawasaki announced within their supercharged family.  The first one at the Japan show was the SC-01 supercharged model.  

Kawasaki SC-02 Supercharged

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EICMA - 2016 Yamaha MT-10 (Naked R1 Streetfighter)

So at the 2015 EICMA show in Milan, Yamaha unveiled their all new MT-10 models which is basically a naked R1.   This new model introdced this year will round out Yamaha's MT line of motorcycles.  The all new 2016 Yamaha MT-10 uses the awesome YZF-R1 cross-plane. inline four 999cc engine.  This means it gets all the same electronics and options as the R1 with the addition of a few extra perks for you long distance riders.  The MT-10 will incorporate cruise control in the upper gears.  All though there is no new yet of its availability in the USA, we are praying that in comes here and it will definitely be on our list of projects bikes.

Yamaha MT-10

Love the futuristic styled headlights

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Motorcycle Winterizing Guide


For all of us living in regions where we can’t ride all season long, proper winterizing and storage with save us a ton of time and aggravation in the spring when we get that itch to just turn the key and hit the road. Here is our quick guide to winterizing your bike and maybe a few upgrades so you can hit the road as fast as possible on that first nice day. 


Every bike needs to be properly lubricated. We all know what happens with no lube (Now get your mind out of the gutter). Lubrication in the engine and on the drive chain keeps the moisture off and the rust away. Check out our line of lubricants from the top manufactures. 

Motul Oil & Chain Lube


Putting your bike in a public storage unit or just in your garage? Then you need a bike cover. All the little dirt gremlins and dust will cover your bikes over the winter months getting into everything. Why not keep it clean and covered with a Driven Racing high quality bike cover. 

Driven Bike Armor Motorcycle Cover


So you road her hard all season and you go to inspect your chain and sprockets only to find them showing signs of wear. What better time to give her some love with an upgraded chain and sprocket kit so she can give you’re her best next season. Checkout our Sprocket & Chain kits from all the top manufacturers. 


520 Sprocket Kits


Don’t go into your garage next season only to turn the key and find our she is dead. Whether you need a new battery or a battery tender to keep her charged during the winter months, we have you covered. 

Antigravity Motorcycle Batteries
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