The MOTOGADGET M-UNIT Digital Relay Controller

Motogadget M-Unit Controller
The Motogadget M-Unit V.2 is a digital control unit for your motorbike the 'heart' of the vehicle's electrical system. The m-Unit V.2 can be operated by push-button control or conventional switch controls mounted at the handle bar. The control box is used for switching of all necessary vehicle components and doubles as fuse panel. Its compact case has the approximate size of a cigarette box and is completely moulded in - resistant to water, weather and vibrations.  It is easily mounted by two M5 screws. All cable connections are made using terminal blocks.
Motogadget M-Unit Rear View
The m-Unit V.2 is the 'electrical heart' of the motorbike. All switching operations are completely digitally controlled by a microprocessor and the latest solid-state technology - completely without mechanical relays, taking vehicle electrical systems to a new level!

We use the Motogadget M-Units in all our builds and recommend them to every customer.  Whether your looking to rewire your bike or to just simplify things, Motogadget has you covered. 

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