Core Moto has joined the motorcycle brake industry and has taken it by storm.  Core Moto Full brake line kits Front and rear lines with all bolts needed anodized to match the banjo color you specify. In our opinion this is the kit to get and that's why you'll see it on our shop bike on the main page! Core Moto quality is some of the best we have ever seen.

Not only does Core Moto produce OEM fornt & Rear brake line kits, but they will custom make lines for us to your specs.  We currently have several Stunt Riders that we sponsor using Core Moto Lines they we have had custom built to their bike.  Some of the riders currently using these lines are Combat Barbie and Gstodd Stunts (Gary Stoddard.) These lines were built with precision specs and outstanding quality we have come to expect from Core Moto. 

Core Moto lines are made to highest quality standards in the industry and use to highest rated materials.  Each line comes backed by their lifetime warranty and 100% made in the USA.

  • Core Moto stainless steel brake lines are made using only top grade materials and construction. Each line features an inner core Teflon® hose wrapped tightly in a cold drawn high tinsel 32 strand stainless steel braid. All lines are then coated with a flexible PVC outer shell for superior strength, corrosion resistance and abrasion protection. Available in 19 color options.

  • Line material from other companies may look the same but the real quality lies in the chemistry and composition of the materials being used.

  • Our Teflon® core stainless steel lines can be bent 18,000,000 times before rupture compared to only 750,000 bends of the standard PTFE used by some other companies.

  • Our Hoses have been batch tested to 18,000 psi without failure. (normal motorcycle braking pressure is 800 - 1,000 psi)

  • Most companies only test assemblies up to to 5,000 psi.

  • We choose to use line material that out performs industry standards.


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