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Vortex Racing V3 Fuel Cap for Kawasaki ZX6R, ZX10R, ZX9R, ZX14
Vortex Racing V3 Fuel Cap for Kawasaki ZX6R, ZX10R, ZX9R, ZX14

Vortex Racing V3 Fuel Cap - Kawasaki

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The Vortex V3 Gas Cap is the perfect addition to any street or track bike. It's stylish, low profile design looks great on the bike and it eliminates the need for a key to unlock the cap when you fuel up.  This fuel cap is the choice of Track Racers and Stunt Riders worldwide.

ú         Note: Gas cap and base are sold as a set

ú         Coarse thread enables quick closure without cross-threading

ú         Large contoured finger tabs allow for easier opening compared to classic Vortex design

ú         Safety lock switch prevents accidental cap loosening due to vibration or contact

ú         Integrated dual check valve assembly eliminates fuel tank pressure issues

ú         Vent and chamber design helps stop leaks by containing any fuel that gets past the check valve

ú         Up to 55% lighter than stock keyed fuel tank caps

ú         Customize to match your bike with interchangeable colored safety lock switches

ú         Made in the U.S.A.

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