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Speedangle Data Logger & Lap Timer w/ Angle Measurement 10Hz GPS
Speedangle GPS Lap Timer & Data Logger

Speedangle Data Logger & Lap Timer w/ Angle Measurement 10Hz GPS

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Speedangle Data Logger & Lap Timer w/ Angle Measurement 10Hz GPS
Part Number: MM-GMOS-JI100S
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SpeedAngle GMOS JI100S Lap Timer / Data Logger

The GMOS JI100S is a one-of-a-kind data logger and lap timer developed for motorcycle enthusiasts. It incorporates many standard measuring functions such as speed, lap time and G-forces. But the cherry on top of this sundae is the ability to track the rider’s lean angle up to 69 degrees! "Why is it important to know your lean angle?”, you might ask. The point of lean angle measurement is not how far you can lean, but to know exactly how and where you are leaning in a corner. This, plus the acceleration/deceleration G measurement and GPS trace, can clearly mark how hard and how long you are braking before entering a turn, what your cornering speed is, if the throttle is rolled on again before or after exiting the apex and more. Only when a motorcyclist knows how he/she is handling a turn can he/she master the art of cornering, and thus the skill of motorcycle riding.

Google Earth Replay

You can overlay your logs onto Google Earth and have your rides replayed in 3D on the satellite photo images of the track. There is no limit to the tracks that can be overlaid onto, as long as they are available on Google Earth. You can see your riding lines against the track border, and a 3D model bike lean and accelerate just as you did. This feature also allows you to compare your rides with your fellow rides as if you are in a virtual race.

Video Overlay

If you're somebody who records video on the track, SpeedAngle hasn't forgotten about you. The data that the GMOS JI100S collects can be overlaid onto a video with software from dashware.net or racerender.com, giving your video a MotoGP look.

Driving Mode for Cruising or Twisty Rides

The SpeedAngle isn't just for the track, if you're headed out for a low-key ride on the open road or out to tackle some twisties, you can choose to switch to Driving Mode. This mode shows your lean angles real-time with an angle meter, displays the max angles of your last three turns, and records your speed, G’s, lean angles and GPS traces.

Motion and Trace Features:

  • Real time lean angle up to 69 degrees
  • Max degree of left / right lean angles
  • Max angles of the last three turns
  • Real time longitudinal G of acceleration / deceleration up to +1.5G
  • Real time GPS speed up to 255 MPH / 410 KMH
  • 10Hz GPS trace mapping

Lap Timer Features:

  • Measures down to 1/1000th of a second
  • Lap time
  • Best lap time with time gap
  • Last lap
  • Lap length
  • Session time
  • Sector time
  • Auto track search
  • Auto finish line setup, no need for beacons 
  • Auto timer start/stop
  • Auto data logging
  • Auto lap record display
  • Up to 7 sector lines in one track (uploaded via software Track Manager)
  • Stores up to 15 Tracks
  • Track editable via software Track Manager
  • Lap time record report with motion data


  • GMOS JI100S unit
  • AMPS bracket and hardware
  • Sensor unit and stand
  • External GPS antenna
  • USB cable
  • Hex key wrench
  • 3M dual lock tape
  • GMOS JI100 Quick Manual
  • SpeedAngle stickers

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