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Motogadget M-Lock RFID Keyless Ignition System
Motogadget M-Lock RFID Keyless Ignition System

Motogadget M-Lock RFID Keyless Ignition Lock

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The Motogadget M-Lock is a contact free digital ignition lock with RFID technology and substitutes mechanical ignition locks or their electrical switching feature respectively.

The associated digital key/transponder only has to be approached to the m-Lock (switching distance approx. 40-50 mm) and the ignition is switched on or off completely contact free.

The m-Lock is based on the latest RFID technology (Radio Frequency Identification) and therefore, unlike e.g. radio remote controls, tamper-proof. Each key/transponder has a unique digital code.
The m-Lock can be actuated with the correct digital code only. Key/transponder and m-Lock are absolutely free of mechanical wear.
The m-Lock switches automotive relays with a possible load of up to 40A - sufficient power for every on-board system.

The hidden mounting of the small m-Lock, covered by non-metallic parts like e.g. a plastic side panel, permits completely removing the mechanic ignition lock. Clean look and various design possibilities are guaranteed - especially for custom bikes!

The available option 'Glass Tube' is so small (3 x 13 mm) that it can be sewn into the glove. Please note the reduced switching distance (about 5-10 mm) of the Glass Tube transponder. The 2 included standard keys (teardrop shape) are key fob sized.

All keys/transponders are available as a replacement 'key blank' and can be 'taught' to the desired m-Lock.

NOTE: We do not recommend using the m-Lock combined with immobilizers! Contact your dealer/manufacturer for informations about the possible deactivation of the immobilizer.

All advantages summarized

  • RFID technology is tamper-resistant
  • each key has a unique code
  • the key first activates the m-Lock without touching it and then, via the relay, the entire on-board system
  • neither key nor m-Lock suffer from mechanical wear
  • the key requires no battery - failsafe
  • no overload or scorched pins possible due to indirect switching via the 40 A main relay
  • the m-Lock is very compact an can be mounted hidden in many places
  • water tight and vibration resistant because of the moulded-in construction
  • depending on the model, key sizes range from very small (key fob sized) to tiny (glass vial) and may be integrated into other objects like gloves, clothing, pendants (NON-METALLIC!) etc.
  • keys can be easily purchased and 'learned' to any m-Lock - your integrated locksmith
  • a switching distance of 4 - 5 cm ensures convenient switching while excluding the possibility of accidental engagement
  • An integrated LED shows the status of the m-Lock while mounting, connecting and 'teaching' new keys



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