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Motogadget M-Button
Motogadget M-Button

Motogadget M-Button

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Using the m-Button along with the m-Unit V.2 is a great help to reduce the 'clutter' and simplify wiring.  This tiny cylinder mounted in a hidden area near the handlebars will allow connection to all hand controls, switches and buttons.

The m button converts the signals to digital and sends them over a single, thin cable by modern bus technology to the m-Unit V.2.There all the signals are switched on and off. All control lines go into the handlebars. This saves space, weight, time and effort. This is a must for custom bikes wanting a clean look on the handlebars.
The m-Unit used in conjunction with the tiny m-button allows you to minimize the amount of cables needed. All switches / buttons on the handlebars are connected to the m button via the shortest path, in the handlebars. The m button then only uses a thin cable that is led to m-Unit. The signals are directly connected to the m-Unit V.2. There is no way to make a cleaner less cabled look.  

The m button is completely sealed waterproof and vibration resistant.


The m button has connections for
- Left turn signal
- Right turn signal
- Light (alternating between low beam and high beam)
- Electric Start
- Horn
- Front brake light switch

Diameter: 12 mm
Length: 25 mm
The cables have a length of about 60 cmThe cable to the m-unit is 200 cm long.
Weight about 30 gr

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