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Yamaha XS650 VM34 Carburetor Kit
Yamaha XS650 VM34 Carburetor Kit

Mikuni VM34 Carb Conversion Kit w/ Intakes & Cable XS650

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Mikuni VM34 Carb Conversion Kit w/ Intakes & Cable XS650
Part Number: MM-NCS235
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Are you looking for more power and throttle response out of your Yamaha XS650?  Then look no further then this complete VM34 conversion kit for the Yamaha XS650's from Niche / Mikuni. 


  • Pre-jetted carbs for stock to mildly modified engines. Left and Right side carburetors.
  • CNC machined bolt on flange adapters with perfectly mated rubber connectors and clamps
  • M6 x 1.0 threaded hole in each manifold for carburetor syncing - with stainless plugs
  • Stainless steel flange adapter allen bolts
  • 1-2 cable for use with the factory throttle assembly and some aftermarket units - 42" case length
  • Washable, oiled red element air filters. Very high quality - Made in the USA
  • Additional jetting included.  4 Sizes of mains, and 2 sizes of pilots
  • Flange adapter gaskets (not shown)

We don't just swap out the main and pilots.  Slide, needle jet, needle, main, and pilots have all been chosen for the best possible combination on the majority of bikes.  Because each bike is different, and because these are shipped all over the world, we cannot guarantee out of the box compatibility.  Climate, altitude, and engine setup all play into the fuel requirements that must be met.  We include the additional mains and pilots for such occasions.

We CNC machined our flange adapters in house and paired them with perfectly sized rubber connectors.  When we designed our flange adapters, we mimicked the Mikuni spigot indent for a perfect fit, and perfect seal on both sides. These rubber connectors are not your typical straight, green stripe, radiator hose. When used with our flange adapters, they allow for a nearly step-less transition from manifold, to rubber, to carburetor.  The reduced turbulence through the intake means more efficient operation for more power, throttle response, and efficiency.

Custom made, high quality 1 into 2 pre-assembled cable for easy installation.  Cable is good for close to stock style bars and shorter, and is designed to work with the factory throttle housing and some aftermarket units.  Many of the other kits being offered include a ready to assemble cable kit.  Our is ready to go.  No measuring, cutting, soldering, etc...

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