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BMW R9T LSL Rearsets
BMW R9T LSL Rearsets

LSL Black Rearsets 14-17 BMW R nineT R9T

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BMW R nineT LSL Rearsets
Part Number: MM-Z110B049SW
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The LSL rearsets are inspired by the engineering that is used in high strength bridge design. By using this design on every single part of the rearset we are able to build rearsets that are very strong, yet super light and look extremely good as an extra benefit. Shift and Brake levers are manufactured from a high strength aluminum and due to their design they are very precise to operate. PTFE bushings are used for the shift lever and brake lever in order to prevent sloppy levers. Every LSL rearset is clear anodized for weather protection; black anodized versions are available for selected models.

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