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Galfer Front Wave Brake Rotors
Galfer Front Wave Brake Rotors

Galfer Front Wave Rotor Set 09-15 S1000RR

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Are your brakes feeling kinda weak, the power fading or the OEM rotors just not grabbing that much anymore?  Well now is the time for you to get serious about you braking power.  Nobody is more serious about braking then Galfer.  All Galfer Wave rotors are a patented tested and winning proven design. The major benefit is that the wave shapes of the exterior diameter and inner profile of the braking track allow the disc to expand without deforming to ensure it always remains perfectly flat. 

All Galfer Wave rotors are a direct bolt on replacement to your OEM rotors and do not require brackets or any extra special parts.  All Galfer rotors are computer programmed and laser cut, made of a high carbon/stainless steel 420 material, pre-heat treated and double disc grind finished assuring parallel and perfect flatness. Galfer uses only the latest technology available when manufacturing replacement rotors. Galfer?s 420 stainless steel compound is unique to the Galfer product line, specifically made to meet our technical requirements and specifications.  You will not ride a better rotor onj the market that offers so many braknig enhancements for the price.

Manufacturing Comments:

£      Laser cut (not stamped) to assure no stress to the material

£      Made of a unique high carbon content steel (420ss) for higher friction

£      Pre-heat treated so that the rotor is less likely to warp

£      Double, parallel disc grinded and diamond finished for perfect flatness


£      The brake system stays cooler and in constant contact with the rotor surface. This provides better brake power and lever feel with reduced brake fade.

£      The Galfer Wave design gives your rotors a unique appearance whcih will make your bike standout.

£      Universal right and left side fitments holes are dispersed in a uniform pattern instead of fan-like pattern, for added cooling features

£      Both front bolt-on and full-floating applications and rear bolt-on rotors are available for hundreds of applications.

£      Galfer Wave Full floating rotors stay in touch with the brake pad?s surface much longer than non-floating, conventional rotors and allow the rotor to follow the path of the caliper, which reduces caliper flex. This innovation provides better brake feel and power

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